Clivet, European center of excellence in developing innovative solutions for total comfort and energy efficiency

All Clivet systems are based on six key principles that make Clivet's products and systems unique.
These principles are the basis for making application-specific systems, which have always been part of Clivet's DNA.
They represent the foundation on which Clivet has built its new way of looking at systems, thereby becoming the reference for sustainable systems of the future.

Heat pump technology

Heat pumps are the technology of the future since they are significantly more efficient than traditional combustion systems:
• Reductions of 50% in Primary Energy, CO2 and Running Costs
• Extensive use of Renewable Energy


Importance of air renewal

Clivet's stand-alone system with thermodynamic energy recovery dedicated to ventilation has the following benefits:
• It recovers energy both in winter and in summer
• Reduces the load of outdoor air with a more efficient system and provides more energy for the rooms
• Reduces the capacity of the main generators by limiting their operation to seasonal peaks
• Dehumidifies in summer


High Seasonal efficiency

Clivet makes systems designed to meet the specific needs of every single application, thereby optimising the use of the system's resources to reach top seasonal efficiency levels thanks to:
• One systematic solution
• Use of the most favourable resources
• Full control over the system
• Continuous capacity modulation



Clivet's multifunction systems include all the functions to ensure year-round comfort. They optimise the solution based on the needs of the various applications and integrate it in specialised products and in complete dedicated systems:
• Heating
• Cooling
• Domestic hot water
• Air renewal and purification
• Dehumidification



Many years ago, Clivet successfully developed the principle of generating energy as close as possible to where it needs to be used:
• Modular systems that are active only where and when required
• Reduction or complete elimination of auxiliary consumption (for instance, pumping energy)
• Stand-alone system
• Easy to maintain and handle
• Adapts to the needs of the system


Integrated systems

The system's elements, optimised and industrially processed to work together, guarantee the highest efficiency and reliability:
• Simplified design and installation
• Lower investment costs
• Quality of the systems
• Guaranteed performance