The SINERGY storage system is the solution for storing electric energy produced by photovoltaic panels during the day and using it during the evening and night, thereby allowing the heat pump system to work entirely autonomously and turning the home into a completely self-sufficient system.

Clivet SINERGY is a modular system that is easy to install. It is available in four capacity sizes according to the energy that can be stored, from 5kWh, which is ideal for small residential environments, to 20kWh for medium and large residences.

SINERGY is suitable for both new and existing installations.

Thanks to the high degree of protection and operating range, SINERGY can be installed outdoors.

The special construction technology of the lithium iron-phosphate cell batteries provides a system life of up to 10,000 charging and discharging cycles.

technical characteristics

  • 5kW single-phase hybrid inverter with direct DC input for connecting photovoltaic panels up to 6.5kW 
  • high reliability with up to 10,000 charging/discharging cycles;
  • extended temperature range from -25°C up to 55°C, IP65 degree of protection;
  • “anti-islanding” safety system to protect network operators in the event of a fault intervention;
  • back-up output to power service loads in the event of a power failure;
  • easy to install thanks to the “stackable” system that makes the solution compact and reduces wiring;
  • reduced installation times and costs with smart meters and built-in electric control box including main system disconnector switches;
  • integrated battery recharge system that charges batteries after long periods of system downtime without requiring specialised on-site personnel;
  • BMS (battery management system) integrated in each battery pack for better control of charging and discharging cycles resulting in a longer system life. 
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